Owl Class (am) Home Learning 1.4.20

Morning all.  Happy April Fool’s day.  I hope that you haven’t played too many pranks on people; you know who I am talking to!

1)How many April Fool’s Day news stories can you find?  Try looking on the Newsround site.  My favourite prank was a news story from a very long time ago about where spaghetti came from.  I wonder if you can find out what it might have been all about?

2)Maths – following yesterday’s adding and subtracting fractions MyMaths, have a go at the attached activity.  There are 3 levels of difficulty, choose the one that you feel most comfortable with.

adding and subtracting fractions

Continue practising times tables using ttrockstars; let’s see which house will win this week.

3)Spellings/Writing task: Freya and Rowan have rolled a set of storycubes and I have uploaded the photo below.  Your challenge is to write a story using all of the objects shown on the cubes and as many of your weekly spellings as possible.  Optional extra element: include examples of relative clauses as revised on Monday.  Remember to apply good editing/proof-reading skills when you have finished writing.  Freya and Rowan are keen to read what you come up with.

story cube photo

4)Reading – keep reading for pleasure and listening to David Walliams reading his work daily.  Also, complete one of the reading comprehensions from your CGP books.

5)Exercise time – join Joe Wicks again this morning or do at least one type of activity to keep you active.

6)Continue your Easter project from yesterday or choose another idea from the homework menu.

Have a great day

Mrs Hollis