Home Learning Tasks 30.9.20

Here are the home learning tasks for today:

*English – Yesterday, we looked at the features of the diary entries in ‘The Amazing Tale of Ali Pasha’.  Today, we are going to use those features to plan a sequence of 3 diary entries, each one about a different event from Annie Edson Taylor’s life.  It is up to you which events you would like to include, they can be from the start of Annie’s story right through to her amazing trip over the falls.  I have attached a planning sheet for you to work on as well as a partly filled in model to give you some ideas.  For each event, think carefully about the information needed (5 w’s), Annie’s thoughts and opinions (in the first person), descriptions that you could use and any questions that could be effective.  Remember that this is just a plan so notes are fine at this point; I have included a bit more detail in my plan to help you.

Planning frame blank

Planning frame model

*Maths – we are completing 2 sessions in school today.  I have attached the teaching slides (PowerPoint) and follow up worksheets for both sessions.  The answers are also included.  For each worksheet, there are 3 levels – developing, expected and greater depth.  You only need to complete one of those levels for each of the Reasoning and Problem solving (RPS) and Varied Fluency (VF) files attached.

Session 1 – estimating




Session 2 – multiples




Please record work in the books that were sent home last week.