Home Learning – 2.10.20

Morning, here are today’s tasks:

*English – Write three diary entries in role as Annie Edson Taylor. Remember to include examples of the passive, fronted adverbials and to organise your work into paragraphs.

*Reading – make sure that you are reading your book daily for at least 10 minutes

*Maths – Take a look at Powerpoint to get you started the worksheets for you are attached below.  There are 2 worksheets (3 levels of difficulty – developing, expected and greater depth) to work through.  Remember that you only need to complete one level, either D, E or GD for each area – VF (varied fluency) and RPS (reasoning and problem solving). A guide for parents and

Step 1 – Varied Fluency Worksheet

Step 2 – Reasoning and Problem Solving Worksheet


*RE – Investigate the topic of Food Mile; think about a pizza topping and research from where the food is sourced and how far your pizza topping has travelled.

*PE – find a way to get active today.  That could be an indoor workout or a game of cricket in your back garden

Record your work in the book sent home from school.

Have a good day,

Mrs Henney