Hedgehog Class Home Learning 05.01.2021

Good Morning Hedgehogs!

Happy New Year to you all! I hope that you all had a really lovely Christmas and enjoyed some special time with your family. I can’t wait to hear all about it! This isn’t how I envisaged our first day back together. I was really looking forward to being back in the classroom with you all but we’ve got lots of things planned and we’re hoping to be able to do lots of face to face teaching online with you. Please bear with us while we plan and put into action our next steps. Please find your learning for today below.


Purple Group – Your sound today is “ll” (Phase 2). Watch the video below and then complete the game on Phonics Play.



Green Group – Your sound today is “ow” (Phase 3). Watch the video below and then click on the orange arrow below the video for your activity.


Yellow and Orange Group – Your sound today is the alternative pronunciation of “ou” (Phase 5). You already know it as in cloud but now you can learn it as in soup! (Isn’t the English language tricky!) Work your way through the words in the PowerPoint and see if you can read them.



Today we were going to think about a journey that you regularly make. It could be the journey from your house to school, from your house to the shop or from school to your swimming lesson. I’d like you to draw a “path” of your chosen journey. Reception, you should then either label your “path” or write a caption for it. Year 1, I’d like you to write a few sentences about your “path”. Really show off everything that you have already learnt in school! I’m looking forward to reading your writing! If you share it on Tapestry, I’ll be able to see what you’ve done.


Today we were going to recapping the work that you did on addition last term. Please have a look at the PowerPoint and then complete an activity of your choice. There are 3 different levels. If you are super confident at doing this then have a go at the sheet on page 3. If you think you are comfortable at doing this then have a go at the sheet on page 2 and if you think that you need a little more practise at this then have a go at page 1. Your adults at home can find the answers on the last few pages.

Addition Presentation 05.01.2021



Our topic for RE this term is “Why is the word God important to Christians?”

Christians learn about God from the Bible at church and at home. No one has ever seen God, but Christians believe he is behind all there is in the world; he is the Creator and giver of life. Christians believe his ways and thoughts are infinitely greater than ours.

Read through and discuss the story of Creation with an adult at home. We will talk about it more when we can speak virtually.

Story of Creation PowerPoint


It would also be great if you could spend a little bit of time outside today. Wrap up warm and play in your garden or ask an adult to take you for a walk. Have a lovely day and I hope to be able to speak to you all very soon!

Mrs Farmer