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Following the governments announcement of the further lockdown in England, there is a letter to all parents on parentmail which has a link to the survey for keyworker places for this week.  The link to the survey is also below as we are having problems with uploading the parentmail (must be very busy!)  Please complete the survey as soon as possible if you need a place for your child in keyworker provision;

Well-Being Wednesday

Hello 👋
Hope you’ve all had a nice week!
Yesterday, I was busy updating the Mental Health notice board in the shared area with ideas from the children who are in school.
I asked the children to give me some positive adjectives to complete the following sentence:
Some ideas that I had where….
Be epic
Be happy
Be friendly.
But I would love to hear your ideas so that I can add them to the board!
Please email
Take care and BE YOU!
Mrs Viner 😃

Well-Being Wednesday

Well-being Wednesday
Hi 👋🏼 everyone!
I hope you’ve had a fun week!
Lately, I’ve been thinking about all the things that I have not been able to do or missed because of lockdown. So my family and I have created a Jar of hope.
The idea is that every time you think of something you would like to do when the crisis is over, you write it down and put it in the jar.
It could be to visit someone special, go to the seaside or go out for a family meal. It’s up to you.
Therefore, what I would like you to do is write down some things that you are looking forward to and pop them in a special jar or box. You could also ask the other members of your family to write down their ideas too! Then when things are better, you’ll have something to look forward too!
I would as always love to hear your ideas! So please feel free to email me on,
Take care 🌈
Mrs Viner

Mrs Viner’s Well-Being Wednesday Message

Well-being Wednesday
Good Morning! ☀️👋🏼
I hope you are all well!
This week I’ve found a few activities that you might like to try. Maybe you would like to pick just one or two to have a go out…it’s up to you!