Careers Morning


Reported and edited by Dragonfly Class…

This morning was amazing because we were able to learn about jobs we could do in the future. Years 1-6 enjoyed six different workshops delivered by guests from different companies, including: the RAF, Kier Construction, Maelstrom Event Solutions, Ark stained glass windows, newspaper editor Shirley Tart MBE and an outdoor adventures instructor.

We were particularly excited to meet Shirley Tart MBE who has met the Queen! She had some interesting stories to tell about the Royal events she has been to including Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding. This was extra-special because today is also International Women’s Day and Shirley has achieved a lot in her life as a newspaper editor.

Chloe reported, “it was very exciting!” whilst Charlie L explained how he was “able to think about working for different companies and getting jobs when we’re older.”

Jamie: “We learnt a lot, including that in ten years there will be new helicopter launched without a pilot!

Leo: “It was so interesting to see the new vehicles that there could be in the future like  a huge drone.”

Grace: “It was very interesting to ask questions and hear surprising answers!”

Abbie: “I found out that instead of one big job there were lots of little jobs that helped the big job.”

Oliver: “We were very lucky to have all these people come to our school.”

Thank you to all our careers visitors – we learned so much!

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