Dragonfly art gallery

Today we have been using our sketching skills to create observational drawings.  The class were given the choice of drawing either one of the Roman artefacts or working from pictures of the beautiful dragonflies brought in by Millie and India.  Fantastic work Dragonfly Class- you are a talented bunch!


Dragonfly Class Homework 16.9.21

Dragonfly Class Homework 16.9.21

This week’s task is all about the troll characters that we designed in English earlier in the week.  We would like you to create a model or picture of your troll.  You can use anything you like for your artwork but here are some ideas.  You could:

*use recycled material such as cardboard boxes, tubes etc

*make a collage picture using lots of different materials/types of paper

*paint a picture of your troll

*use a drawing programme on a tablet/computer

*make a model using Lego

These are just a few ideas but feel free to get creative!

Please either bring in your picture/model (only if you don’t mind it being left in school for a while) or send in a photo (email either Mrs Hollis or Miss Horton) by Wednesday 22nd September.

Good luck!



Dragonflies flying high!

Well done Dragonfly class for a superb start to the new year.  Miss Horton and I are so pleased with how hard you are working and how brilliantly you have settled back into class.

Tuesday 7th September highlights:

*English – I have been wowed by your word choices to describe our book’s main character and I can’t wait to read tomorrow’s descriptions of Timothy.

*Year 4 – have had their first violin session and loved it! Well done Year 4; you were fab!

*Year 3 – Lightbulb writing.  Wow!  Such creativity this afternoon as the story cubes that we rolled challenged us to write a story including a rainbow, a parachute, a hand, a magnet and a clock!  Not an easy task but Year 3 you came up with some brilliant ideas: a witch’s spell, a donkey called Ned and a lot of time travel to name just a couple.

*Year 2 had a great session at Forest School today to help the new Year 1 and Reception children.  Mrs Farmer said that you all did a great job. From next week, Year 2s will be working in school with Mrs Farmer on the Year 2 Science topics.

Finally just a reminder that it is PE tomorrow (Wednesday) and on Friday so please come into school wearing PE kits.

Well done Dragonflies,

Mrs Hollis x