Rabbits Class Homework

This week we began our maths topic on Measurement.  For homework, can the children please find a recipe at home.  Write out the recipe and note down the measurements used, this can be either grams and kilograms or other measures such as teaspoons, cups, pinches etc.

Can they please copy out the recipe in their homework books.

Children MUST read to you or another person over the weekend and make a note of this in their reading diaries. Please then ensure both reading books and diaries are in school each day.

We are challenging the children to find a ‘fun’ or ‘silly’ time to read to another person – for example while someone is cooking the dinner – sitting in the kitchen reading. Alternatively reading to a sibling while they take a bath, reading while waiting for a bus – the children can find a fun time and place to read.

Spellings are listed on the spellings page.