Owl Class Home learning – 21.5.20 🦉

Good Morning Owls!

What glorious weather we are enjoining at the moment! I hope it holds for the half term, don’t you? We’ve been busy at home this week home learning and making cakes …. I don’t quite think we’re up to Mrs Hollis’s standard yet but we are having a good go.

Home learning this morning will be as follows:

English – In this lesson you will explore and then test your knowledge of the features of a ‘Thank you letter’. Once you’re secure in this Knowledge you will then have a go at applying this and writing your own ‘Thank you letter’.

Maths – I thought we could have a go at testing  our knowledge of equivalent fractions this Thursday. The aim of this game is to match pairs of cards. Click on a card in the interactive activity  which is found through the link here. Then click on another one. If the two cards match, they will stay face-up. If the two cards do not match, they will return to being face-down. The game ends when all the cards have been matched in pairs. I would love to hear about the strategies you use as you play the game.

Here is the set of cards for this game which you can print off to play away from the computer if you prefer.

For the afternoon’s activity I would like you to look to the Activity Menu (posted on Monday) and complete the Music and Computing activity. If you would like some additional ICT based  learning there is an interesting lesson on BBC Bitesize based on Computer Games which you may find interesting so worth taking a look!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Mrs Henney