Owl Class Home Learning 15.7.20

Happy Wednesday all! I hope you managed to crack the maths task yesterday.

Today’s highlight of the year is a bit of a combination really under the theme of perseverance.  I am so proud of how you lot don’t give up when the going gets tough whether it is during a cross country race, trying to get a steady hand game to work in Science or fixing a circuit in a buggy in DT.  There have been so many times over the year that you have all shown just how resilient you all are and I know that this skill will stand you in good stead for whatever comes next as you either move into Year 6 or move onto The Corbet.  You guys are awesome!

On a similar note, Year 6, we can’t wait to see you all at 10am for your virtual Leaver’s assembly – fingers crossed if I’m in charge of the technology!

But first, a quiz question:

What is the longest river in the UK?  Any idea how long this river is?

So, here is today’s work:

1) Spellings – practise this week’s spellings with a game of hangman or using the sheet from Monday.

2)Reading – read for pleasure and/or log onto Reading Eggs for at least 20 minutes.

3)Maths – have a go at the Maths Mystery below (don’t worry, the answers are included!):


In case you would like the White Rose Maths for today as well as/instead of the above, the links and sheets are below:


Year 5 week 12 Lesson-3-Answers-Converting-units-of-time

Year 5 week 12 Lesson-3-Converting-units-of-time

Year 6 week 12 Lesson-3-Answers-Read-and-interpret-pie-charts-2020

Year 6 week 12 Lesson-3-Read-and-interpret-pie-charts-2020

4)In case, you don’t fancy a maths mystery, here is a GPS one instead!


5)ttrockstars or Numbergym

6) More ideas for today:

*Get active – perhaps you fancy designing and making your own sports day at home?

*Art – here is another lovely lesson from The Oak National Academy on the artwork of Henri Matisse.

Have a fab day,

Mrs Hollis x

Answer: The Severn and it is approximately 220 miles long.  Hmm, a bit shorter than the Nile then!