Owl Class (am) Home Learning Tasks 23.3.20

Good morning, here are today’s activities:

1)MyMaths – complete the activities assigned to you.  If the MyMaths site isn’t working, choose one of the activities from the print out that is in your pack (from First4Maths) as many do not need access to the internet). Year 6, you could complete a page from the Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division pack.  The marking guide is included for you to check your answers.

2)ttrockstars – Miss Whit has set up an inter-house challenge on here.

3)At least half an hour reading your own book

4)Spelling/handwriting – use the attached spellings for this week to both practise your handwriting as well as the spelling pattern.  I have attached a PowerPoint that goes through the pattern if you are able to look through that to help you.

Year 5 Term 2B Week 5 Presentation

Year 6 week 5 Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Year 6 Term 2B Week 5 Presentation

Year 5 week 5 spellings Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

5)Education City – complete the activities on brackets, dashes and commas.

6) Choose one of the activities from the menu in your pack to complete over the next 2 days.

7)Exercise time!  Try out the workout that Rhys designed and is included in your pack.  Get out into the garden if you can for some fresh air.  Get creative with what you have at home of in the garden i.e. trampolining, keepy-uppies (apologies footballers if I spelt that wrong!), tennis against the side of a wall etc. There are also workouts online that you can try.  Fitness expert Jo Wicks is posting an indoor PE session on his YouTube channel aimed at children learning at home.

Year 6, as I mentioned to some of you in the week, there are lots of SATs packs that I copied before I knew that SATs were cancelled this year.  They are still good practise to keep your brains sharp over the time that you are off.  Answers are included!

Most importantly, keep safe all of you and keep being as amazing as you have been through all of this so far.  I am so proud of each and everyone of you.  Keep in touch by sending pictures etc to the admin address for school because we will miss you so much and would love to see what you have been up to.

Take care,

Mrs Hollis