Owl Class (am) Home Learning 19.5.20

Guten Morgen! Hope you all had a good day yesterday.  Did anyone try out the first aid course?  Let me know if you did.  Today’s extra task is inspired by work that some of you have sent in that I thought other people would like to try too. But first, to work….

1)Spellings – keep learning your spellings.  You could have a go at the activities below.

Year 6 week 5 Code Word Jumble Puzzle

Year 6 week5 Word Search Black and White

Year 5 week 5 Code Word Jumble Puzzle

Year 5 week 5 Word Search Black and White

2)Reading – complete a task of your won choice about the book that you are currently reading.  It could be a quiz, a book review, a character description or a re-write of the blurb for example.

3)English – BBC Bitesize daily.  Today, it is more preparation for a writing task: Year 5 looking at homophones and paragraphs while Year 6 are looking at colons and semi-colons.


4) White Rose Maths – Summer Term week 5, day 2.  The link for the video and worksheets are below.


Year 5 week 5 Lesson-2-Add-fractions-2019

Year 5 week 5 Lesson-2-Answers-Add-fractions-2019

Year 6 week 5 Lesson-2-Answers-Multiply-decimals-by-integers-2019-1

Year 6 week 5 Lesson-2-Multiply-decimals-by-integers-2019

You could also continue to keep those mental maths skills sharp using ttrockstars and NumberGym.

5) Fitness time.

Choose an activity from the new activity menu or have a go at my ‘Close up’ art activity.

I loved seeing photos that Emma had taken using her microscope, Jamie’s drawings of different markings and Rory’s photo competition entry so Freya, Rowan and I had a look around our garden for some interesting subjects to take a close up photo of.  Amazingly, as well as quite a lot of weeds, we have got some beautiful flowers that look very interesting when seen close up.  We took the photos using my phone which is not the best but we are pleased with the results (see below) and how much detail could be seen.  Does anyone know which type of flower they are?  Try doing the same using a camera on a phone or ipad and see what you come up with.  It doesn’t have to be pictures of flowers or plants, you could look for different textures, mechanical parts from your bike etc.  The next step with this is to do some artwork using your photos.  To do this, you could choose your favourite and recreate in whatever media you have at home (pencil, pen, sharpies, paint, crayon or a mixture).  If you are feeling techy, can you use a drawing programme you have to make some digital art.  You could just focus on one small part of the detail in the photo and make an enlargement of just that part.  It really is up to you.  As always, I would love to see any pictures of whatever you come up with.

flower 2 flower 3 flower 4 flower

thumbnail_20200516_133644 thumbnail_20200516_135733

Have a super day,

Mrs Hollis x