Parents & School

A strength of the school is that staff are welcoming to parents and parents are encouraged to call into school and discuss any concerns or bring to our attention any matters which may affect the children’s happiness, welfare or academic progress. Discussion at an early stage and a shared approach to difficulties avoids small problems getting more serious. The school encourages parents to make an arrangement with the teacher or office for the most appropriate time to come in and meet with staff and talk over the problem informally so that school can help in every way possible.
Parents support at concerts, performances, church services, fund raising meetings and events are all welcome and valued.
More formal arrangements for you to see and discuss your child’s progress and work are organised twice yearly, in November and again just before or after Easter. A written report is provided at the end of the Summer term and parents are invited to discuss this with teachers if they wish.
Parents are also invited to come into school either occasionally or on a regular basis to support individuals or groups, help with swimming or Forest Schools, lead or help lead clubs, and share any skills and / or talents in a wide range of activities and ways.
Regular newsletters are sent home and all correspondence and notices are posted in the notice board on the school wall, on the school website and on the parents’ notice board outside the Library. Parents are encouraged to read these regularly to check they have received all the information.
There are openings for parents to become Governors and when a vacancy arises nomination letters are sent home to parents explaining the process. Parents make a very valuable contribution to our Governing Body.