Happy Easter 🐣

Well done Owls (and parents and carers) for coping so brilliantly with the challenges of the last 2 weeks.  We have both been so impressed by all of the comments and work you have sent in; it has been a great way to stay connected together.  In terms of work over the Easter holidays, Year 6 you have a maths pack called ‘Ten for Ten’ included in your pack that you can complete a small section of each day if you want to.  You can all still log onto Numbergym, ttrockstars and Reading Eggs, again, if you want to. However, we suggest that you all spend some important family time together, keep exercising whichever way you can, do things to help you to relax or maybe take time to learn a new skill.  Have an eggcellent break; we would be eggstremely happy to see what you have been up to when we catch up again over the holidays.

Happy Easter

Mrs Hollis and Mrs Henney x

P.S – Credit to Mrs Hollis for the egg-ceedingly ‘funny’ jokes … he,he x Mrs Henney