Dragonfly Home Learning ideas 2.4.20

Good morning everyone,

Well done to those of you logging in to TT Rockstars for your house… some of the matches are looking close! Looking at it, some of you have scored massive points for your time (yes, I’m talking about the Maths Wizard and Sam!) But every little helps – Anouk, Katie, Eva – keep adding up those points like you have done this week 👏🏻

As a reminder, make sure you’re following the internet safety advice we teach and practise in school (and also shared on website).

Here are your suggested activities for the day (based on our normal Thursday timetable):

  1. Maths: Log into My Maths and complete today’s set activity (remember to aim for 100% by practising tasks if needed)
  2. English: Log into Reading Eggs and begin reading the set book.
  3. Number Gym: Can you achieve Lightning Bolt Speed and beat Bond Builder.
  4. RE: We’ve suggested making an ‘Easter project’ on your menu – you continue this or try out a new one. I’ve seen some yummy baking ideas including a non-bake cheesecake made in an Easter egg 😍

Other ideas for Thursday:

  • Music: Practise your own choice of instrument if you have one.
  • TT Rockstars:  The Inter House Tournament continues! Play ‘Battle’ to earn your team points.

Two days left of this very strange term. My daily runs / bike rides are really helping me, whilst I’m taking the chance to do things I don’t usually have time to such as playing the piano 🎹 (watch out Mrs Hindson!) I hope you’re spending time doing lots of things that make you happy too. Miss you all,

Miss Whit 🙂