Hedgehog English – 14th October 2019

Next week in English, Hedgehog Class will be beginning to learn about Non-Fiction texts and comparing them to Fiction texts. It would be really helpful if they could bring in something that they know a lot about on Monday so that they can give the rest of the class some information about it. This will form part of our lesson on information texts.


Mrs Farmer


The reception children enjoyed developing their number skills this morning using the computers and iPads. Some of them found using a mouse for the first time quite tricky but they were starting to get the hang of it. They all did a super job and were getting so quick at the games they were playing by the end of the lesson.


Forest School

We had a great time up at forest school this morning looking for signs of autumn! We were really lucky with the weather this week! We went on a hunt throughout the whole forest in groups to look for autumnal items. We found lots of things including various sticks, fallen leaves, conker husks and berries.


When we thought that we had collected enough things, we were challenged to make a picture of anything we liked. Here are our results…


We are going to do this activity again after half term to see if there are any different autumnal items as the season progresses.

Forest School

A quick reminder to Hedgehog Class parents that tomorrow is Forest School. Thank you to our volunteers who have enabled us to go to the Drumbles site! The weather forecast is looking dry for tomorrow which is a bonus! Remember that the children should come to school already dressed in their forest school kits so that we can get going. They should bring their uniform in a bag so that we can change them into it later in the day. Please remember that the children are likely to get dirty up at forest school so please don’t send them in wearing clothes that you would like them to keep clean or tidy!

Thank you