A helicopter lands at St John’s!

On Tuesday we were very lucky to receive a visit from an RAF Helicopter flown by Tony Grogan and pilot Dan who also gave up their time to talk to the children and answer all their questions about life in the RAF as part of our careers work in school.

It was a brilliant surprise for all our children who patiently waited believing they were taking part in a whole school bird watch! Soon enough, the helicopter circled the school and Hedgehog Class did a great job of shouting “come back!” to entice it to land on our field.

The children were fascinated to hear about the helicopters and missions Tony and Dan had experienced, but also the skills needed in their roles including teamwork , trust, determination and perseverance. A special thanks to Cathy Harmer for organising and of course Tony and Dan for their time and engaging with the children to give them a taster of their experience in the RAF and Navy – it had quite an impact on our pupils. What a treat!

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Charity Bake Sale – day one!

The children of St John’s have excelled themselves today! The smell of delicious bakes have filled our corridors and classrooms whilst lots of money has already been made for the Harry Johnson Trust. The bake sale will continue tomorrow so please continue to bring donations! See below for some of the INCREDIBLE efforts for our three categories: Going Green, Bake a Selfie, Frogs!

Remember… tomorrow is wear ORANGE day!

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Harry Day! 13th & 14th June 2019

As a reminder, we are having our ‘Harry Day’ on Friday 14th June 2019 in support of all the fantastic goals of the Harry Johnson Trust, a charity special to our school.

See poster below for full details

Thursday – The Great Ruyton Bake Off! Cakes will then be sold by Fun & Games Council so bring your donations!

Friday – Wear ORANGE … donations please, plus cakes will still be available.


Thank you and happy baking! From the Fun & Games School Council

Celebration Assembly 7th June

A busy first week back to school after half term….

Acorns (to celebrate special or notable achievements this week)

Noah – for quietly getting on with his grammar sheet

Bella and Skyler – for tidying up other people’s work

Bonnie – for fab handwriting and science enthusiasm

Andreas – for detailed DT homework

Ffion – for always setting a shining example, she is so helpful

Alfie – for fantastic fractions

Esme – for completing all her work

Owen – for being a fantastic helper – so hard working

Ella – super DT homework

Harvey – great reading

Skyler – super writing


Golden Book

Congratulations to Maya for achieving her 14th Golden Book!



Our Year 4 tennis team were celebrated for their brilliant effort on Tuesday at the Corbet area tennis tournament where they finished an impressive 3rd place!


A huge well done to Amber who has achieved her 20m swimming badge – what a superstar!


Baschurch Junior Football Club

Well done to Dominic who won an award for “being a great sportsman” to all other teams, Rhys for being the “bravest defender” and Liam for being a “good learner” during their matches and training for their football club. It’s great to see that you demonstrate our school values in your hobbies too!


A special visitor

Today we had a special visitor, Calum Ferrie, a former pupil of our school who came back to speak to us about his career as a goalkeeper for Dundee.  He really inspired us and we learnt a lot about the value of perseverance in order to reach your goals in life.  It was a fantastic visit – thank you Calum.IMG_7762

Dundee FC player returns to Ruyton

We were incredibly lucky today as Dundee Football Club goal keeper, Callum Ferrie, visited us and spoke to children about his career in football so far. Callum, 19, used to attend St John’s as a child and began his football career on our pitches and as a part of Ruyton School Football team! 

He spoke to the children about the challenges and setbacks he has faced, plus the work ethic of footballers and the values that he has had to show to achieve what he has done today. Callum was an inspiration – the children were amazed that he had been told he wasn’t good enough by two big clubs but still persevered to achieve his dream. Also, they were fascinated to hear that he has studied sports psychology whilst working towards his next goals in his career. Thank you so much Callum; we will be cheering you on all the way!

Charlie P: “He taught me not to give up, even when people told him he wasn’t good enough he kept trying.”

Harvey: “If someone tells you you can’t do something, try and try again.”

Jamie: “no matter if you go through lots of stages and people say no, if you really want something you can word hard to get it.”