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Spring Term Topic

In Nursery for the first half of Spring Term our topic will be ‘The Senses’. We will also be learning about the Chinese New Year and how this is celebrated. Please note anything that your child may need to bring in to support this topic.


Have Fun for Harry Fundraising total 💰

A huge thank you to everyone who supported our bake sale and ‘wear orange’ day for the Harry Johnson Trust. Fun and Games Council were thrilled to present Mrs Johnson with a whopping ‘cheque’ for £271.64 as a result of our fundraising! The bakers were awarded house points for their efforts and “star bakers” earned bonus points.

Mrs Johnson gave a very special assembly to share the work of the Harry Johnson trust and show the children some of the comforts they provide children and families in need such as pillowcases, duvet covers, cuddly toys and treats for all the family. It was a privilege to be a part of and we all look forward to more charity work to support this brilliant cause in the future. 🐸

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St John the Baptist Day – ‘water’ theme!

We couldn’t have chosen a better theme for our annual St John the Baptist Service today as the heavens opened and torrential rain forced us to enjoy a lovely ‘water-themed’ service in the school hall followed by an indoor picnic! Owl children read from the Bible, Rabbit Class displayed their artwork, Hedgehogs told us about their boat race, Dragonflies shared the poems they had written and Nursery showed off their fantastic Noah’s Ark masks. Thank you to all the families who joined us for lunch – it was lovely to see so many faces. As Mrs Hollis said, teachers will choose a desert-theme next year!8EBDA132-DFA0-4071-A277-82EDAC2ABB00 B742B978-F7D3-4DFE-9B76-3906D608FB3B E758D810-681C-4B2B-B72C-E0F4EB2F338A 81813BC8-6631-414F-8B08-E3F6374E07BD 78767D42-5854-473D-ADF1-2164B5BDFB36



A helicopter lands at St John’s!

On Tuesday we were very lucky to receive a visit from an RAF Helicopter flown by Tony Grogan and pilot Dan who also gave up their time to talk to the children and answer all their questions about life in the RAF as part of our careers work in school.

It was a brilliant surprise for all our children who patiently waited believing they were taking part in a whole school bird watch! Soon enough, the helicopter circled the school and Hedgehog Class did a great job of shouting “come back!” to entice it to land on our field.

The children were fascinated to hear about the helicopters and missions Tony and Dan had experienced, but also the skills needed in their roles including teamwork , trust, determination and perseverance. A special thanks to Cathy Harmer for organising and of course Tony and Dan for their time and engaging with the children to give them a taster of their experience in the RAF and Navy – it had quite an impact on our pupils. What a treat!

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Charity Bake Sale – day one!

The children of St John’s have excelled themselves today! The smell of delicious bakes have filled our corridors and classrooms whilst lots of money has already been made for the Harry Johnson Trust. The bake sale will continue tomorrow so please continue to bring donations! See below for some of the INCREDIBLE efforts for our three categories: Going Green, Bake a Selfie, Frogs!

Remember… tomorrow is wear ORANGE day!

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Harry Day! 13th & 14th June 2019

As a reminder, we are having our ‘Harry Day’ on Friday 14th June 2019 in support of all the fantastic goals of the Harry Johnson Trust, a charity special to our school.

See poster below for full details

Thursday – The Great Ruyton Bake Off! Cakes will then be sold by Fun & Games Council so bring your donations!

Friday – Wear ORANGE … donations please, plus cakes will still be available.


Thank you and happy baking! From the Fun & Games School Council

Miles of smiles in pyjamas!

A huge thank you to our Friends this morning who organised a fantastic sponsored Breakfast Fun Run in Pyjamas to raise money for sports equipment. Many families joined us for a sausage bap, whilst all the children enjoyed a well-earned yoghurt after their run, kindly donated by Carol Aspinall on behalf of Muller yoghurts. What a treat!

We would like to say a big thank you to Carol, Steve, Deejay, Laura, Alison and Liz who made this event happen so successfully – what a great way to end half term. Watch this space to see how much money has been raised…

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