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Easter Activities

If you are looking for inspiration over the next two weeks, we have compiled below a range of projects / fun activities you could engage in this Easter. We will add ideas throughout the Easter Holidays! Remember, please do keep sending in anything you get up to: (photos work best). Happy Easter.

Happy Easter!

From all your Ruyton teachers 🙂

Easter Activities

During the Easter Holidays, teachers will not be posting on a daily basis specific work for pupils, however you could look back and complete activities which you may have missed or not had time to do!

Furthermore, you could try out these suggested activities:

  • Watch a ‘Virtual Church Service’ from Holy Trinity Church in Shrewsbury (Sunday 10.30am) –
  • Complete some Easter Activities kindly sent to us by the Lichfield Diocese Easter home pack
  • It’s a great time to learn how to do Sudoku –
  • Continue reading plenty of books and write a book review. You could use these to help you: KS1 Review or Lower KS2 or Upper KS2
  • Use nRich to find maths problems for all ages (parents included!)
  • Now the weather is finally warming up, you could explore your garden (or when on a daily walk) and find mini-beasts! Make a record of what you find! Could you make a house for them? Write a report about them!
  • Find the oldest item in your house (no – not your parents!) and find out where it came from, why your family now has it and how old it is!
  • Ask your parents if you can help with preparing meals – could you write instructions how to do it?
  • Draw a picture of what you want to be when you grow up!
  • Make a model from your recycling bin! You might find an idea here:
  • Take a daily star jump (or sit-ups or shuttle runs or burpees) challenge! Count how many you can do in a minute on Day 1, then repeat every day. Do you get fitter? Can you do more each day? Older pupils could draw a bar chart to show their results!
  • Build a shelter in your garden! It could be for you, your parents/carers or even for your favourite teddy!
  • Access some really interesting resources and ideas with Nat Geo Kids
  • Take a virtual tour of the National History Museum

Have a great Easter

Rabbits Class Virtual PSHE Lesson

I asked the Rabbits to spend the time thinking about their classmates and to create a drawing of rabbits to represent each of the class members.  They have also added some words to describe each of their friends.  These lovely pictures were sent by Andreas, Ella and Harrison this morning.  Thank you for doing such a lovely task to keep in contact with your classmates.  Added to this is Amber’s lovely picture.

image0 (1)



Rabbits Home Learning – The Last Day of Term!

Good morning Rabbits and it’s almost the real holidays.  How exciting!  If we were in school I would have planned a lot of fun activities for your all, so here are my ‘remote learning’ activities to keep you busy today.

Crafts and Art:   These are some wonderful craft making videos and are easy to follow:

Puzzles: This website offers printable wordsearches with themes including Easter.

I have also included a pdf which is an Easter Story comprehension.  I have not given the answers, but I will post these later today.

Easter Comprehension Friday 3rd  click on this to link to the pdf.

PSHE:  we would usually be spending an hour talking and working together – which is impossible now and I know many of you are missing one another.  I would like us all to do a task – to draw a field full of rabbits and each one is a member of our class.  Write on the rabbit the things that you like most about your classmate.  I will do the same today and I will post my picture at the end of the day.  If you can photograph and email your pictures to me, we will put up a Rabbits gallery.

Have a lovely, lovely Easter holiday.  I miss you all very much and look forward to when we all return to school in the future.

Mrs Cooke


Support For Families during the closures

Please see the e-mail from Telford and Wrekin Council offering support for people in need.

Shropshire Telford & Wrekin Beam – Phone-based support

Over the last 2 weeks we have been working on how we can continue to provide support for the young people who access our drop-in services.

From 2nd April 2020, Shropshire Telford & Wrekin Beam will be offering a call-back telephone service.

Please note that we are not offering a crisis or instant response service.

The support being offered is purely phone-based.  We cannot provide support via email, text/messaging apps or on video calling platforms.

Accessing call-back support:

Young people can email us at asking for support.  Once they have emailed, an automatic response will ask for some more information.  When this has been completed, a team member will contact them to discuss what help they need, and when the best time would be for a practitioner to call them.

Calls will be booked in with our practitioners within our usual drop-in times.

Accessing support without a call back:

Where a young person does not want to talk but still needs some support, they can still contact us via  We can send details of online resources, information and apps which can offer support.

Information for Professionals:

You can signpost any young people who you feel would benefit from knowing more about this offer to our website

You can also pass on the details as to how they get in touch with us.  Please ask the young person to contact us via

We won’t be able to contact young people unless the request for contact from our service has come from the young person or their parent/carer.

For all young people who are aged 13 and under, their parent/carer will need to make a request on the young person’s behalf.

As with our face to face drop-ins, the young person should want to engage with us, and be able to do so over the phone.

Information for Parents/carers:

If you feel your child(ren)/young person would benefit from our support, please take a look at our website

For young people aged 13+ please ask them to contact us via

For young people who are aged 13 and under, you will need to contact us on their behalf via

As with our face to face drop-ins, the young person should want to engage with us, and be able to do so over the phone.

We will continue to innovate and adapt as we need to. This is an enormous effort from every corner of The Children’s Society to ensure we can continue to offer support to the children and young people we work with.  For more information about how our charity is working at the moment, or to donate to our emergency Coronavirus appeal, please go to our website at


Rabbits Home Learning for Thursday 2nd April

Good Morning Rabbits and I hope you are still enjoying yourselves.  I have had some photographs from you getting stuck into the fun and learning which is lovely to see.  For today, there are some more activities and the following things for you to do.

Maths:  Please log on to MyMaths for some shape revision and please have a go at the TTRockstars.  Miss Whit does a round up of the winning house each week.

English: Please can you work on the grammar and comprehension tasks set on Education City.  I also set some tasks on ReadingEggspress for today and tomorrow.  These will help with reading and also your writing.  The tasks should be set under my name now – not Mrs Hollis.  I have solved the glitch!

Writing: Please complete a diary entry for today.  I would like you to imagine that you are your pet, imagine what they are making of you staying home all of the time?  What would your pet be saying if they could write their own diary about how odd things are at the moment?  Please remember to include the date and write it as if it happened in the past.

Exercise: Keep up with Joe Wicks if you can.  I know some of you are able to get out for nice walks so that is important.

Reading: Reading Eggs have two good books for you to read.  Can you also take a look at the youtube link to listen to the Enid Blyton book “Castle Of Adventure” and try to get that finished by the end of the week.

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