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Following the governments announcement of the further lockdown in England, there is a letter to all parents on parentmail which has a link to the survey for keyworker places for this week.  The link to the survey is also below as we are having problems with uploading the parentmail (must be very busy!)  Please complete the survey as soon as possible if you need a place for your child in keyworker provision;

Rabbits – end of term message

Dear Rabbits

Thank you so much for being such a lovely class to teach this year.  It has been really odd that we had to stay away from school for so much time but I loved coming to work to teach you every day.

I am so proud of all of you for the wonderful learning that you have done this year.  I am really pleased that you are going to go to Miss Whit. next term and show her how fabulous you all are.

I hope you have a really wonderful summer holiday and that  you have fun!

Lots of love to you all

Mrs Cooke.

Rabbits – Home Learning for Wednesday 15th July.

Good Morning Rabbits.

I hope you did well with your investigation into jewel stones yesterday.  Today we will be using the pictures that you have found to design some of your own jewels.  We will look at when and where jewels are worn and by whom.

To start:  A bit of grammar.  Please look at the sheet and see how well you can do with these tasks.…/Grammar-Practice-Questions-yr-3.pdf

English:  Please continue with BBC Bitesize today.

Maths:  You have more work on Capacity or Time on the WhiteRose maths sheets below.

Reading:  I would like you to keep going with your Reading Eggs both in your spare time and through the holidays.  Today, I have a little bit of information for you about jewels.

Can you write some questions that you could ask someone – for them to find the answers in this text?

Project:  We are going to design some jewellery.  I have this first task that is to colour the Crown – then you can think about what jewels you have seen in the reading task and see if you can design something special for the following people:

A Queen from Nairobi (In Africa) who is getting married.

A famous musician who is making a Hip-Hop video.

A young princess who is about to turn 18.

A world-famous athlete who wants to design his own jewellery.

Please draw up your designs and add some colour.


Have a lovely Wednesday!

Mrs Cooke.

Rabbits Home Learning for Tuesday 14th July

Good morning Rabbits – are you ready for a bit more work today?

I know that I have not set spellings for this week – would not normally do spelling tests on the last week of term.  Please try to remember the words that you have been learning this term – ready for starting back in September!

Wake Up Task:  A handwriting exercise to get you wide awake.  I have found this piece of writing and think it is very appropriate for the time of year.  Please copy it in your best handwriting and then you can decorate the page.

Though May did bring her deepest grey
And June did bring her gloom,
I woke this morn in a glorious way
To Sunshine in my room.

Quick, get up,
It’s time to rise.
Greet the day.
I started to cry.

For today,
It has begun.
It’s finally here,
The summer sun!

Feel her warmth,
See my garden grow,
Taste the sweetest fruits,
Watch the butterflies flow.

Hear the squirrels chatter
And my orioles swoon
Till the evening comes
With the summer moon.

It seems like I’ve waited
Such a very long time,
Longing for the light of
Your rays of sunshine.

So please stay a while.
Bring your long, lazy days.
I’ll cherish each blue sky
And ride every wave.

Oh, how I love summer
And all of her songs,
Happy summer to all,
And may it be long!


English:  There is another lesson today on bbc bitesize.

Maths:  here are the maths pages for your lessons today on Time and Capacity.

Year 2 Lesson-2-Hours-and-days Year 3 Lesson-2-Add-and-subtract-capacity

Reading:  Here is a short piece of text that tells you more about GEODES.


There are some tricky words there – CHRYSTALS (you say cris-tals)  QUARTS (you say kwartz)

Diamonds are often made into jewellry – do you know if any of your adult relative have diamonds?  Sometimes you have a diamond ring when you are engaged to be married.

Can you find some pictures (or the real thing) showing different stones and crystals that are in jewels – you could look at the picture of the Koh-i-noor which is the biggest diamond found – it is now in the Queen’s Crown.  See if you can find pictures of Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds or even Pink Diamonds.

Can you find any other names of precious stones on this wordsearch?

rocks and minerals wordsearch


Rabbits – Home learning for Monday 13th July

Good Morning Rabbits

Gosh – the last week of term!  Good job the sun came out this weekend – it was feeling like Autumn already!

This morning I would like you to do a quick brain teaser to get you awake.  You have to say the colour that you see – not the word that is written!

colour quiz

This next challenge is maths-based – you need to think of what number sentence you could write that would have each of the answers.

What’s the question

English:  I would like you to follow the BBC Bitesize English for this week.  Each day you have new lessons for your yeargroup.

Maths:  We will finish the year with the whiterose maths.  Please click on the links below to complete the maths tasks.  Year 2 are reviewing TIME and year 3 are looking at CAPACITY today.

Year 2 Lesson-1-Telling-time-to-5-minutes

Year 3 Lesson-1-Compare-capacity



Reading:  The following book is called The Bitaba Bird.  If you can access this link and read it yourself or use the audio button to hear it being read to you.

The last page is a piece of information on GEODES.  Please also read this.

Project:  Today we will look at GEODES – you will be able to look at the pictures and read some key facts about these stones.

I have enlarged one of the pictures for you – could you create your own?  You need to make a shape first, then add colours in different layers.  See how many version you can make.


Tomorrow we will begin to learn a little bit more about these strange and magical stones.

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Cooke





Rabbits – Home Learning Friday 10th July

Good Morning Rabbits

I’m in a silly sort of mood today – the last Friday that we will have of this school year!

To wake you all up – here is a VERY SILLY clapping and actions activity – I am picturing you all doing this at home – and looking quite daft!

Well – Did you manage to do it?  Did you look really silly?  I hope you are laughing now.

Spellings:  For your spelling words today – can you please have a go at writing them out in their pairs?  Kneel and Knelt, Feel and Felt etc.  See if you can remember the pair word when you have written the first one.  Calf and ……  Half and …….

Maths:  I am aware of how much ‘screen time’ you are going to have so please do just a few minutes of the maths games before taking a break to do something else – then return to the maths later.

PSHE:  to give you a break from ‘screening’ I have a colouring activity for you.  This is part of our PSHE on keeping you feeling well, relaxed and positive.  You can use any colours – pencils, paint, pen and it is for you to spend as long as you wish colouring the mandala.

colouring mandala

Music:  here is the music link for your lesson today from Mrs Hindson.

Music for home schooling WB July 6th

I hope you all have a lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Cooke.


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