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Our New Topic – Local History

History Investigation 001The children began investigating local history by looking at the photographs of Ruyton XI towns and making notes or commenting on the changes that they had observed.  They were very excited about spotting major historical events such as when electricity became available, and how much the roads had changed since the 1800’s.  The topic will take us into research on the origins of the school, the Church and the War Memorial.


Henry raises money for Team Trees!

Well done to our Year 6 pupil Henry for initiating a fundraiser for ‘Team Trees’, a cause which hopes to see a million trees planted! Henry heard about the project and was inspired to do something to help.

By requesting ‘spare change’ and delivering a PowerPoint to the whole school, Henry has managed to raise a fantastic £32.14 with his helpers. Well done to the children for carrying out their own fundraising project, we’re very proud of you!


Visit From Mr Scrooge

Rabbits were lucky enough to have a visit from ‘Mr Scrooge’ on Monday.  They had invited him to class to ask questions before writing an article about him and his life.  The children enjoyed asking questions and pretending to be journalists for the morning.  This week, they have written some newspaper articles and worked in teams to create a newspaper including timetables of Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve.

Mr Scrooge 005

It’s about time!

Rabbits are busy learning about time, how long things take, how clocks show times in different ways and having fun with time related games. time pic collage 001    In topic, we have been learning about the different food that Victorians ate, and how that is different to our diets.  The children wrote their own recipe books for Apple Dumplings, Trifle and Kedgeree – but nobody wanted to try rice, fish and fried eggs for their breakfast!

Everyone worked really hard on their Quest stories and they are now finished.  The children’s writing shows great imagination.

Next week we are continuing learning about Victorian food, treats and parties and as we approach Christmas we will be learning about the origins of our own Christmas traditions.  We will continue with Time as our maths topic and look at Roman Numeral clocks, digital clocks and other ways of showing time passing.

We are very excited to welcome a visitor to our school on Monday, Mr Davies is an Actor, storyteller and teacher who is coming to act as some Dickensian characters as we begin learning about Charles Dickens and his writing.  The children will become journalist for the morning and will be interviewing the characters for their newspaper report.  The Christmas tree is up in our Victorian Library looking very pretty indeed.Victorian Library 001

Rabbits Travel Back In Time

Rabbits had a wonderful trip to Park Hall Farm Victorian School on Monday.  They were dressed up in traditional Victorian clothing and then sat silently while the teacher took them through their times tables, knowledge of Victorian history and some writing (with right hands only!) on a slate with a slate pencil.  The teacher was strict but very kind and the children really enjoyed acting the part of Victorian schoolchildren.  There was time to look around the museum and some of the objects on display.Victorian Trip Rabbits 043

Action on Fractions!

Rabbits were getting to grips with fractions this week and completing some excellent mathematics.  Year 2 began by working out quarters, thirds and halves of amounts while Year 3 were busy working out picture diagrams of fractions.  The class were very proud of their efforts.

In other news, the class are very excited about their trip to Park Hall Victorian School on Monday afternoon.  They have been looking at how Victorian people dressed and the types of jobs they did.  The class drew more images for our Victorian display.

We were thinking about Anti-Bullying week and discussed several ways in which we could stop bullying between people.  We looked at our differences and similarities and wrote slogans for powerful posters.

Our Quest Stories are coming along nicely.  The children are now re-writing a version of a Quest story all about animals in the jungle.  This will continue next week.

Year 2 working on finding fractions of amounts

Year 2 working on finding fractions of amounts

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