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Owl Class Home Learning Highlights! 26th March – 2nd April

As you know Mrs Henney talks a lot; to both herself and computers … this week I have been whispering nicely to my lap top and guess what … I have learnt how to upload photographs. Watch out .. there will be no stopping me now!

Here are some of the fantastic photographs people have sent me over the week enjoy! Elizabeth's Easter ProjectElizabeth’s Easter Project 

Sharing light ... By Lily Ford

Sharing light … By Lily

Jamboree time .. Rhys

Jamboree time .. Rhys

Jamie's Home Learning

Jamie’s Home Learning

Elizabeth's letter to the NHS

Elizabeth’s letter to the NHS

Happy Easter 🐣

Well done Owls (and parents and carers) for coping so brilliantly with the challenges of the last 2 weeks.  We have both been so impressed by all of the comments and work you have sent in; it has been a great way to stay connected together.  In terms of work over the Easter holidays, Year 6 you have a maths pack called ‘Ten for Ten’ included in your pack that you can complete a small section of each day if you want to.  You can all still log onto Numbergym, ttrockstars and Reading Eggs, again, if you want to. However, we suggest that you all spend some important family time together, keep exercising whichever way you can, do things to help you to relax or maybe take time to learn a new skill.  Have an eggcellent break; we would be eggstremely happy to see what you have been up to when we catch up again over the holidays.

Happy Easter

Mrs Hollis and Mrs Henney x

P.S – Credit to Mrs Hollis for the egg-ceedingly ‘funny’ jokes … he,he x Mrs Henney

Easter Activities

If you are looking for inspiration over the next two weeks, we have compiled below a range of projects / fun activities you could engage in this Easter. We will add ideas throughout the Easter Holidays! Remember, please do keep sending in anything you get up to: (photos work best). Happy Easter.

Happy Easter!

From all your Ruyton teachers 🙂

Owls Class – Home Learning Activity 3rd April 2020

Happy last Day of the Spring Term everyone!

Today I thought we could immerse ourselves in an imaginary, distant land….

Follow the link/ copy into your browser.

You will see an amazing image and if you scroll down there are a variety of activity suggestions. Included is a story starter. I would love for you to continue the story and if you’d like to send across to me, with your permission, I will post on to our class thread.

If you like this activity the website, Pobble, provide a new image and suggestions each day .. take a look!

In Maths continue working on Times Table Rockstars.

And finally … Some last day of term fun for the whole family  – Take your pick or have a go at a few!

Map work Identify the countries or cities within the UK where your  family members originate from or live. Then plot these on a map you could then create a bar chart to show the number of family members who live/lived in each city/country.

Science and Classification systems – Design a classification key based on the simple physical features of your family. Then test out the keys on each member of your family. Only use ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions!

Let’s Get Arty – Portraits and Photography- Take portrait photographs of your family members considering light and textures. Following this,  use the photographs to draw portraits in pen considering light and tone.

Music from the Past – Research music from the decade your parents, grandparents or other older family members were born. What were the most popular bands or singers during this time? Perform a song from this decade and create your very own dance routine.

Then enjoy a Kitchen Disco because it’s the end of term …!

Happy Holidays everyone, take care and have a wonderful break x Mrs Henney


Superb Science

Our resident Science expert Thomas has been very busy at home turning his kitchen into a lab to try out another of his exciting experiments.  Excellent work Thomas; thanks for sharing the pictures with us.T1 T2


Support For Families during the closures

Please see the e-mail from Telford and Wrekin Council offering support for people in need.

Shropshire Telford & Wrekin Beam – Phone-based support

Over the last 2 weeks we have been working on how we can continue to provide support for the young people who access our drop-in services.

From 2nd April 2020, Shropshire Telford & Wrekin Beam will be offering a call-back telephone service.

Please note that we are not offering a crisis or instant response service.

The support being offered is purely phone-based.  We cannot provide support via email, text/messaging apps or on video calling platforms.

Accessing call-back support:

Young people can email us at asking for support.  Once they have emailed, an automatic response will ask for some more information.  When this has been completed, a team member will contact them to discuss what help they need, and when the best time would be for a practitioner to call them.

Calls will be booked in with our practitioners within our usual drop-in times.

Accessing support without a call back:

Where a young person does not want to talk but still needs some support, they can still contact us via  We can send details of online resources, information and apps which can offer support.

Information for Professionals:

You can signpost any young people who you feel would benefit from knowing more about this offer to our website

You can also pass on the details as to how they get in touch with us.  Please ask the young person to contact us via

We won’t be able to contact young people unless the request for contact from our service has come from the young person or their parent/carer.

For all young people who are aged 13 and under, their parent/carer will need to make a request on the young person’s behalf.

As with our face to face drop-ins, the young person should want to engage with us, and be able to do so over the phone.

Information for Parents/carers:

If you feel your child(ren)/young person would benefit from our support, please take a look at our website

For young people aged 13+ please ask them to contact us via

For young people who are aged 13 and under, you will need to contact us on their behalf via

As with our face to face drop-ins, the young person should want to engage with us, and be able to do so over the phone.

We will continue to innovate and adapt as we need to. This is an enormous effort from every corner of The Children’s Society to ensure we can continue to offer support to the children and young people we work with.  For more information about how our charity is working at the moment, or to donate to our emergency Coronavirus appeal, please go to our website at


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