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Owl Class Homework -Week commencing 18th September 2020

This week we will recap on the work on Active and Passive sentences that we have been doing in class over the last two weeks.

You will need to work through the following powerpoint attached Passive and Active Homework 18th September 2020 and on the final slide you will see your homework task.

We have also been working on diary entries so try to include features such as fronted adverbials and hyphenated words such as death-defying in your writing.

Please forward completed work to myself or Nikki in the office.

Can I also take this opportunity to thank all parents and carers for their support in completing the homework each week!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Henney

Owl Class Spelling List – Week Commencing 18th September

Well done to all those scoring full marks this week! It’s really coming across in your written work in school that you are getting to grips with some of the more complex spelling patterns that we come across in Years 5 and 6.

If you haven’t quite managed to reach your spelling goals yet then keep working hard at it and you will!

Attached are this week’s Spellings;

Spellings Y6

Spellings Y5

Remember you will be tested next Thursday.

Keep up the wonderful work everyone x Mrs Henney

Owl Class Homework – Week commencing 11th September 2020

Thank you all for your fantastic homework last week.

Those of you who chose to deliver your speeches as part of the School Council Election process did so confidently and clearly. Well done!

Thank you also to all of you, who whilst perhaps chose not to read your speeches aloud, did think carefully about what you wanted to say and why you want to be a School Council Representative

This week through your Homework you will learn more about Moses and the story of Exodus. Please follow this link to access the Video to get you started. Please make sure you have a pen and paper ready, and you have cleared a quiet space for you to work in.

Once you have made some notes please then use these to write a diary entry in role as Moses – Perhaps you could write about how you would have felt the evening after the parting of the red sea or maybe you would prefer to use a different event; try to think about the thoughts, worries or maybe doubts you would have running through your mind at this time.

If you could please type these up and send your completed work to either my self or Nikki in the office.

Have fun!

Owl Class – Last Day of Term!!!

Well here we are … the last day of the school year and for Year 6 the last day of Primary School!

Yesterday was such a wonderful celebration of your time with us; seeing how you’ve grown (height and maturity!), all of your accomplishments and all of your milestones was wonderful.

As we said yesterday; this is not good bye – it’s Aurevoir!

So grab yourself a duvet, pick a favourite film. Or perhaps delve in to the games cupboard, dust down a game and enjoy a board game. Whatever you do be proud; because we are so proud of you.

xx Mrs Henney

Owl Class Home Learning 15.7.20

Happy Wednesday all! I hope you managed to crack the maths task yesterday.

Today’s highlight of the year is a bit of a combination really under the theme of perseverance.  I am so proud of how you lot don’t give up when the going gets tough whether it is during a cross country race, trying to get a steady hand game to work in Science or fixing a circuit in a buggy in DT.  There have been so many times over the year that you have all shown just how resilient you all are and I know that this skill will stand you in good stead for whatever comes next as you either move into Year 6 or move onto The Corbet.  You guys are awesome!

On a similar note, Year 6, we can’t wait to see you all at 10am for your virtual Leaver’s assembly – fingers crossed if I’m in charge of the technology!

But first, a quiz question:

What is the longest river in the UK?  Any idea how long this river is?

So, here is today’s work:

1) Spellings – practise this week’s spellings with a game of hangman or using the sheet from Monday.

2)Reading – read for pleasure and/or log onto Reading Eggs for at least 20 minutes.

3)Maths – have a go at the Maths Mystery below (don’t worry, the answers are included!):


In case you would like the White Rose Maths for today as well as/instead of the above, the links and sheets are below:

Year 5 week 12 Lesson-3-Answers-Converting-units-of-time

Year 5 week 12 Lesson-3-Converting-units-of-time

Year 6 week 12 Lesson-3-Answers-Read-and-interpret-pie-charts-2020

Year 6 week 12 Lesson-3-Read-and-interpret-pie-charts-2020

4)In case, you don’t fancy a maths mystery, here is a GPS one instead!


5)ttrockstars or Numbergym

6) More ideas for today:

*Get active – perhaps you fancy designing and making your own sports day at home?

*Art – here is another lovely lesson from The Oak National Academy on the artwork of Henri Matisse.

Have a fab day,

Mrs Hollis x

Answer: The Severn and it is approximately 220 miles long.  Hmm, a bit shorter than the Nile then!

Owl Class Home Learning 14.7.20

Good morning Owls.  Hope you are all ok and ready for the last Tuesday of the term – only 2 more get ups!  And so to today’s Owl Class highlight…

Without a doubt, my proudest memory of you all are your performances in Cinderella Rockafella.  Watching you all perform on stage, sing and bring together all of the technology was amazing.  You carried out your roles with confidence, humour and enthusiasm; audience (and all of us staff) loved you.  Such a brilliant memory that I hoe stays with you too.

Right, let’s start today’s work with a quiz question:

Which river is the widest in the world?

Here is today’s work:

1) Spellings – One last spelling wordsearch before the holiday:

Year 5 week 6 Word Search Black and White

Year 6 week 6 Word Search Black and White

2)Reading – read for pleasure.  Also, don’t forget David Walliams’ Elevenses.  It is currently ‘The Ice Monster’.

3) Escape Room Maths game – there is a separate set for Year 5 and 6 but both activities work by you completing clues to find a code to unlock a phone.  The Year 5 set of questions are slightly easier than the Year 6 set but they are the same activity.

Year 5:

Year 5 Lost in the Forest – PowerPoint

Lost in the Forest – Answer Recording Sheet

Lost in the Forest – Clue Cards – Answers

Lost in the Forest – Clue Cards – Colour

Lost in the Forest – Object Cards

Year 6: Lost in the Forest

Year 6 Lost in the Forest – PowerPoint

Lost in the Forest – Answer Recording Sheet

Lost in the Forest – Clue Cards – Answers

Lost in the Forest – Clue Cards – Colour

Lost in the Forest – Object Cards – Colour

In case you would like the White Rose Maths for today as well as/instead of the above, the links and sheets are below:

Year 5 week 12 Lesson-2-Answers-Imperial-units

Year 5 week 12 Lesson-2-Imperial-units

Year 6 week 12 Lesson-2-Answers-Circles

Year 6 week 12 Lesson-2-Circles

4)ttrockstars or Numbergym

5) More ideas for today:

*Get out and about – walk, run, cycle etc.  Do whatever type of exercise that you prefer.

*Art: try out this lovely idea from The Oak National Academy on abstract drawing.

Year 6, don’t forget your virtual Leavers’ assembly tomorrow at 10am.  Make sure you have received the login details from Nikki in the office.

Have a great day,

Mrs Hollis x

Answer: The Amazon river is the widest at about 7 miles wide at some points.  It is also the biggest by volume of water.

Owl Class Home Learning 13.7.20

Well Owls, it is the last week before the Summer holiday and only 4 days until our wonderful Year 6s leave primary school.  What a year together it has been but I hope you all know how proud you have made Mrs Henney and I.  You guys really are the best!  So, this week because I have spent a lot of time looking at old photographs over the last few weeks (I can’t think why Year 6), I thought I would share some of my highlights with you from the last year.  Right, there are so many to choose from but one of my favourite memories is from Shakespeare week and watching you all perform the witches’ speech from MacBeth throwing shoes into your imaginary cauldrons and leaping round!   And you say my accents are bad!  There were a lot of dodgy witch voices going on that morning!  I wonder what tomorrow’s will be?

So, today I have set some ‘normal’ work but tomorrow, as requested by the Year 6s in school, I will be setting some different activities.

And back by popular demand (well one person, thanks Dan), is the daily quiz question:

What is the longest river in the world?  What length is it and where is it?

Answer at the bottom of the post.

So, here is today’s work:

1) Spellings – Here are your final spellings to learn before the summer holidays:

Year 5 Term 3B Week 6 Presentation

Year 5 week 6 Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Year 6 Term 3B Week 6 Presentation

Year 6 week 6 Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

2)Reading – log onto Reading Eggs and/or read your own book for pleasure.

3)English – complete the activity on BBC Bitesize English for today.  The lesson for both Year 5 and Year 6 is called ‘Reading and using texts’.

Year 6, make sure that you have completed your speech for the Leavers assembly on Wednesday.

4)White Rose Maths – Summer Term week 12, day 1:

Year 5 week 12 Lesson-1-Answers-Metric-units

Year 5 week 12 Lesson-1-Metric-units

Year 6 week 12 Lesson-1-Answers-Draw-nets-of-3D-shapes

Year 6 week 12 Lesson-1-Draw-nets-of-3D-shapes

Year 6, make sure that you have completed your ‘Sweets in a box’ Transition task for The Corbet.

5)ttrockstars or Numbergym

6)More ideas for today:

*Keep active by competing a workout, going for a walk or a bike ride.

*French – use the link to BBC Bitesize to explore French days of the week and time.

Happy Monday all,

Mrs Hollis x

Answer – The Nile. It is 6, 693km long and flows through 11 countries in Africa including Egypt.

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