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Owl Class Home Learning Highlights! 26th March – 2nd April

As you know Mrs Henney talks a lot; to both herself and computers … this week I have been whispering nicely to my lap top and guess what … I have learnt how to upload photographs. Watch out .. there will be no stopping me now!

Here are some of the fantastic photographs people have sent me over the week enjoy! Elizabeth's Easter ProjectElizabeth’s Easter Project 

Sharing light ... By Lily Ford

Sharing light … By Lily

Jamboree time .. Rhys

Jamboree time .. Rhys

Jamie's Home Learning

Jamie’s Home Learning

Elizabeth's letter to the NHS

Elizabeth’s letter to the NHS

Happy Easter 🐣

Well done Owls (and parents and carers) for coping so brilliantly with the challenges of the last 2 weeks.  We have both been so impressed by all of the comments and work you have sent in; it has been a great way to stay connected together.  In terms of work over the Easter holidays, Year 6 you have a maths pack called ‘Ten for Ten’ included in your pack that you can complete a small section of each day if you want to.  You can all still log onto Numbergym, ttrockstars and Reading Eggs, again, if you want to. However, we suggest that you all spend some important family time together, keep exercising whichever way you can, do things to help you to relax or maybe take time to learn a new skill.  Have an eggcellent break; we would be eggstremely happy to see what you have been up to when we catch up again over the holidays.

Happy Easter

Mrs Hollis and Mrs Henney x

P.S – Credit to Mrs Hollis for the egg-ceedingly ‘funny’ jokes … he,he x Mrs Henney

Easter Activities

If you are looking for inspiration over the next two weeks, we have compiled below a range of projects / fun activities you could engage in this Easter. We will add ideas throughout the Easter Holidays! Remember, please do keep sending in anything you get up to: (photos work best). Happy Easter.

Happy Easter!

From all your Ruyton teachers 🙂

Owls Class – Home Learning Activity 3rd April 2020

Happy last Day of the Spring Term everyone!

Today I thought we could immerse ourselves in an imaginary, distant land….

Follow the link/ copy into your browser.

You will see an amazing image and if you scroll down there are a variety of activity suggestions. Included is a story starter. I would love for you to continue the story and if you’d like to send across to me, with your permission, I will post on to our class thread.

If you like this activity the website, Pobble, provide a new image and suggestions each day .. take a look!

In Maths continue working on Times Table Rockstars.

And finally … Some last day of term fun for the whole family  – Take your pick or have a go at a few!

Map work Identify the countries or cities within the UK where your  family members originate from or live. Then plot these on a map you could then create a bar chart to show the number of family members who live/lived in each city/country.

Science and Classification systems – Design a classification key based on the simple physical features of your family. Then test out the keys on each member of your family. Only use ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions!

Let’s Get Arty – Portraits and Photography- Take portrait photographs of your family members considering light and textures. Following this,  use the photographs to draw portraits in pen considering light and tone.

Music from the Past – Research music from the decade your parents, grandparents or other older family members were born. What were the most popular bands or singers during this time? Perform a song from this decade and create your very own dance routine.

Then enjoy a Kitchen Disco because it’s the end of term …!

Happy Holidays everyone, take care and have a wonderful break x Mrs Henney


Owls Home Learning Activity – April 2nd

Good Morning Owls and families,

How are you all? It’s very almost the Easter Holidays!

Thank you for the the emails and photos you sent me last week! Keep them coming please. It really is lovely to see you all and see how well and positively you’re all adapting to these unusual times.

For your learning today please complete the following:

English: Today I thought it would great if we could get letter writing. I will leave it up to you to choose who you would like to write to. It could be a Grandparent who is self isolating, an NHS worker or a friend who you might not have seen for a little while now. Take some time to explore letters written by others and the correct letter format. Have fun!

Maths: Easter Egg Angle Theme! Follow the link
if you scroll down you will see a ‘Ukrainian Egg Decorating’ Activity. Ukrainian Easter eggs are super, you could look at what shapes can be seen? Look for lines of symmetry, and look for patterns.
You could then use an egg cut out shape to create your own Ukrainian egg using angles to create symmetrical patterns similar to the Ukrainian eggs.

Finally Music. It was wonderful to see photographs of your Jamborees last week. Those hot chocolates with marshmallows looked wonderful! Today i’d like those of you who have instrument lessons to practice those and I’d like you all to take a favourite pop song, create some actions for it and have fun performing it to an audience! If you don’t feel like performing perhaps you could write some song lyrics/ Poem of your own to express a little of how you feel right now? Pop corn optional!

Have lots of fun today, keep the photographs coming! We are so proud of all you are doing and your fabulous positivity!

Speak tomorrow x Mrs Henney

Owl Class (am) Home Learning 1.4.20

Morning all.  Happy April Fool’s day.  I hope that you haven’t played too many pranks on people; you know who I am talking to!

1)How many April Fool’s Day news stories can you find?  Try looking on the Newsround site.  My favourite prank was a news story from a very long time ago about where spaghetti came from.  I wonder if you can find out what it might have been all about?

2)Maths – following yesterday’s adding and subtracting fractions MyMaths, have a go at the attached activity.  There are 3 levels of difficulty, choose the one that you feel most comfortable with.

adding and subtracting fractions

Continue practising times tables using ttrockstars; let’s see which house will win this week.

3)Spellings/Writing task: Freya and Rowan have rolled a set of storycubes and I have uploaded the photo below.  Your challenge is to write a story using all of the objects shown on the cubes and as many of your weekly spellings as possible.  Optional extra element: include examples of relative clauses as revised on Monday.  Remember to apply good editing/proof-reading skills when you have finished writing.  Freya and Rowan are keen to read what you come up with.

story cube photo

4)Reading – keep reading for pleasure and listening to David Walliams reading his work daily.  Also, complete one of the reading comprehensions from your CGP books.

5)Exercise time – join Joe Wicks again this morning or do at least one type of activity to keep you active.

6)Continue your Easter project from yesterday or choose another idea from the homework menu.

Have a great day

Mrs Hollis


Owl Class (am) Home Learning 31.3.20

Morning Owl class, hope you are all well and finding lots of interesting ways to keep busy.  Fantastic work by those completing the MyMaths work; hope you are getting my feedback.  Also, well done to Alex for completing a maths quiz (with a near perfect score) that Reuben designed.  Great work boys and thank you for sharing.

Tasks for today:

1)MyMaths: 1 task on adding and subtracting fractions to complete online.  As a bit more practise, have a go one of the addition worksheets and one of the subtraction worksheets attached. There are 3 strengths: easier, medium and harder so pick which one you feel most comfortable with.  The harder one overs both addition and subtraction together.

Addition – easier

Addition – medium

Addition and Subtraction – harder

Subtraction – easier

Subtraction – medium

2)Spellings/handwriting – use your spellings in sentences in your books.

3)Numbergym: continue working through the mental maths challenge to see how far you can get.

4)Reading – keep making time to reead for pleasure each day.  Perhaps you could read to a younger member of your family either at home or use technology and read to them via Skype etc.  Have any of you tuned into David Walliams daily story yet?

5)PSHE – Visit the Newsround site and watch today’s news.  Also, can you find 5 good news stories?  These could be linked to ways in which people are spreading hope, supporting each other or simply just a funny story.  Next, you could write the script for your own news story and even film it if you can.

6)Exercise time: Hope you are enjoying the Joe Wicks daily workouts or finding creative ways to keep fit and active; I know you lot are not short of creativity!  I could do with some ideas to try with my children.

7)We suggested an Easter project on our homework menu so you could start that today if you haven’t already.

Missing you all

Mrs Hollis



Owl class (am) Home Learning 30.3.20

Happy Monday all!  Hope you are all well and ready for a new week.  Well done to those of you managing to complete the online tasks (I will continue to leave feedback on MyMaths) and I love to receive photos of what you are up to if you are able to send them to the admin address.

Tasks for today:

1)MyMaths – I have set 2 activities on improper and mixed fractions.  Don’t panic you know who; you will be fine.  In case you find it tricky, have a look at the PowerPoint.


Year 6: Continue to work through your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division packs.

2) ttrockstars – Let’s see who won last week’s battle and start a new one!

3)Spellings/handwriting:  As last Monday, practise your new spellings using the attached PowerPoint and sheets.  Remember, this is handwriting practise too.

Year 5 Term 2B Week 6 Presentation

Year 5 week 6 Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Year 6 Term 2B Week 6 Presentation

Year 6 week 6 Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

4)Reading – at least half an hour reading your own book or finishing reading MacBeth on Reading Eggs.

5)Grammar/English: Relative clauses.  Take a look at the PowerPoint explaining what relative clauses are and how they are used.  Then try the attached activity pack.


relative clause activity booklet

6)Exercise time: Keep trying out Joe Wicks’ daily workout; I have been doing them at school and at home too.

7)Topic ideas: Either pick another activity from the homework menu or if you are feeling arty, try drawing a portrait of someone in the Andy Warhol style that we used for Tutankhamun in school.  I’d love to see some photos.

Take care of each other and keep up those daily acts of kindness.

Mrs Hollis



Owl Class home learning for Friday 27th March

Happy Friday Owls!

Well done for completing your home learning yesterday. I’m hoping you had lots of fun!

I completed the Jo Wicks workout with my three children this morning! It was lots of fun and it’s amazing listening to how many people are connecting through exercise from all around the world.

So for today’s activities.

Maths – Please continue with your Maths angle investigation. Perhaps you could have an ‘angle’ hunt around the house or garden.

English – Write a fact file based on your understanding of the Egyptians, their beliefs and way of life. You may choose to write about a particular aspect if something has captured your interest or be more general. Those who are able to could access the fantastic virtual tour of the British Museum as follows:

The museum has a fabulous Egyptology section which may give you some ideas!

PSHE – Lots of children around the country have been putting up colourful rainbows in their windows to help cheer others up and raise a smile from passers by. Create your own Rainbow to pop in your window; you could even add your own message if you like.

If you have some spare time I see that Chester Zoo are holding a virtual day out at the zoo tour which may be worth a peek.

And finally keep well; get some exercise, move often and keep smiling!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I look forward to seeing some photos of all your wonderful creations and activities!

Take care x Mrs Henney

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